Monday, October 17, 2011

Bardarn Jai

Name : Atichart Chumnanont
Nickname: Aum
Birthdate: Febuary 20, 1981
Birthplace: Bangkok
Height: 178 cm.
Weight: 71 kg.
Siblings: 3 (second son with 1 older sister and 1 younger sister)
Status: Single
Education: Faculty of Political Science, Ramkhamhaeng University
Sport: Football, Jet Ski


Name: Rasri Balenciaga

Nick Name : Margie

Birthdate: August 22,1990

Status: Single

Height: 165 cm.

Weight: 46 kg.
Race: Thai/Spanish
Siblings: 2 (1 Younger sister)

Education: School of Management, Assumption University (ABAC)

Talent: Taekwondo, Basketball, Riding Horse

Favorite Activity: Wake board

Badarn Jai

song of Badarn Jai

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