Monday, August 1, 2011

Dew Palace

  • Name: Tawin Yavapolkul 

  • Nickname: Win
    Profession: Model and Actor
    Date of birth: July 20, 1985
    Height: 175cm (5'9)
    Marital Status: Single
    Family: Parents, 1 sister (Rinrada Yavapolkul), 1 brother Navin Yavapolkul (Tar)
    Religion: Buddhist
    Education: Bachelor Degree from Kasetsart University; Faculty of Engineering
    Talent: Sing

    Name: Savika Chaiyadej
    Nickname: Pinky
    Birthday: June 19, 1986
    Siblings: 3 (pinky is the last child) she has 2 brothers
    Blood Type: A
    Weight: 47 kg
    Height: 171 cm
    Colors: White, Black, Pink
    Foods: Choo Chat Salad
    Flowers: Rose
    Sports: Basketball & Diving
    Stars: Jennifer Lopz
    Songs: Mariah Carey's Songs
    First Work: Lakorn "Dao Pra Sook"..."Glot Petch Jet See"
    Character That Like: Bothering People
    Character that Dislike: N'ek Got Su
    Future Goals: Wanna Go Study From Different Country
    Free Time: Sing
    Dress: Easy
    Scare Of: Never Scare Of Anything
    Fear: Looking at p'eak in her lakorns
    Personal Attitude: Take Too Long To Dress, And Never Want To Clean The Clothes
    Car: Toyota Avanza


    watch it on youtube

    Song Of Dew Palace

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